Family Law Attorney in Henderson

Family law issues can be emotional and stressful, primarily because of how these matters may affect you in the future. When you need a family law attorney in Henderson, the legal team at Leavitt Family Law Group can help.

A divorce, custody battle, child support, or other legal issue requires timely answers to your questions. Family law matters can become highly stressful, so working with an experienced family law attorney is crucial. Our lawyers are highly respected and skilled negotiators and litigators. We're here to answer your questions and offer solutions as we provide you with the most effective legal representation.

Honest Advice and Practical Support

When you need a family law attorney in Henderson, contact the Leavitt Family Law Group. We provide clients navigating family law issues with the education, guidance, and high-quality representation they need to navigate the process effectively. Our approach focuses on helping you achieve your goals without wasting time and money on unnecessary litigation. 

Family Mediation 

We help our clients pursue favorable outcomes to family law disputes by using mediation and other alternative dispute resolution options. If one or both parties are unwilling to compromise, and a hearing or trial is necessary, we have the advanced legal and courtroom skills to adjudicate our client's rights fully.

Communication and Compassion

We understand the importance of communicating with our clients. Our legal team prioritizes client communication and is always available to take your call or meet with you to discuss your legal needs. When you choose the Leavitt Family Law Group, we keep your best interests at the forefront of all our interactions. We approach every case with integrity, dignity, and compassion. Our attorneys are strong advocates for their clients and families and will protect your best interests aggressively but professionally.

Family Law Resources


Each situation is different, and we can help you navigate the complex legal issues that often come with divorce, including property division, alimony, and child custody matters. 

Child Custody 

Your children's care is critical, regardless of a divorce or legal separation. Our top priority is protecting the best interests of minor children.

Child Support

Your children need the best support possible during a separation or divorce. We'll work to ensure your children receive the support they need and deserve.  


Deciding whether or not to end your marriage is a complex emotional and financial decision. When children are involved, it's even more difficult. 


Adoptions can be complex. We handle stepparent adoptions as well as private or independent adoptions.

Prenuptial Agreements

Marriage is an important financial decision. By establishing prenuptial and postnuptial agreements, we help clients protect their financial interests should the need arise.

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Contact us by phone or email to arrange for your confidential family law consultation with one of our attorneys. We promise to listen to you closely, answer your questions and advise you of your complete range of legal options.