Kimberly Taylor

Kimberly Taylor

Kim Taylor is the firm administrator and paralegal to Leavitt Family Law Group.  A Las Vegas native, Ms. Taylor has enjoyed a diverse work history encompassing various service industry, artistic manufacturing, community assistance, and educational positions working for and alongside the residents of this unique city.  After graduating from UNLV’s Paralegal Certificate Program in 2020, she immediately began working as a litigation paralegal and was soon after offered a position as an instructor for the UNLV program that had granted her the opportunity for a new career.

In early 2021, Ms. Taylor was elated to join Attorney Leavitt’s pursuit of superior representation for all clients ready to resolve their individual situations.

As a child of and mother to a blended family, Ms. Taylor enjoys drawing from her own experience to assist our clients in navigating the multifaceted journey of their matter.  When not in the office, Ms. Taylor can be found engaged in her family’s varied interests, attending to her community outreach opportunities or daydreaming about her next trip to Maui.


UNLV Paralegal Certificate Program 2020