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How Long Does it Take for a Divorce to Be Final


How Long Before a Divorce is Final in Nevada? Divorces can sometimes drag on for what seems forever. When going into this it helps to get an idea of how long the divorce process will take. A divorce is officially finalized when the judge signs the paperwork for his or her final decision. A typical divorce can take anywhere from 2 weeks to a year. It really just depends on the situation you are in. Shorter divorce processes are usually the case of having no kids and having no assets to stress over dividing up.

Before a divorce is final,  couples must first decide on which legal process they will use to settle their divorce. Many couples choose mediation or negotiate a settlement rather than go to court, whereas couples with more complex assets to divide or unresolved issues often choose litigation. Most of the time, going to court increases the length of the divorce process.

If you were married for a long period of time then it is very likely your assets and finances will be more difficult to separate from one another, making the process take longer. Things you must consider are the home you lived in together, any vacation properties you shared, vehicles, furniture, and other possessions that each of you may wish to keep. Sometimes a couple can decide these things without having help, but if you can’t then you will need mediation to decide who gets what. In some cases, a judge might have to get involved to decide who gets what based on certain factors.

If you have children together then that may also add to the duration of your divorce process. Both parties must decide what type of custody they seek. If you can not come to an agreement then you may have to go through mediation or the court for a judge to decide. Until that is decided then your divorce will remain in the limbo.

When everything has been decided on, you and your spouse may progress to the final stage of your divorce. Your last legal action in your divorce process requires that the judge sign off on the final decisions. No matter what circumstances you are in or how you got to your final decision, all divorcing couples will need a judge to sign the final divorce papers. Once the judge signs the papers, you will be considered legally divorced.

In some cases, when a divorce is final, and you do not think something was fair or favorable during your divorce process then you can file an appeal on the decisions. An example would be if one spouse seeks more spousal support, or wishes to change the terms of the property division, they may appeal the court for further consideration. If there is an appeal it will cause things to drag on and last longer as well.

As you’ve read, there are many factors that can influence how long it will take before a divorce is final. If you have questions about how long your divorce proceedings might take or you need advice from the expert divorce attorneys of Leavitt Family Law, please contact us today at 702-605-0065 for a free consultation.


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