Nevada law provides little guidance about who is entitled to receive alimony and how alimony should be calculated. In fact, there is no specific statutory formula that provides for a dollar amount to be paid.

Under the current law, the Judge in your case will ultimately decide whether alimony is appropriate, how much a spouse is entitled to receive, and how long a spouse must pay it for.  Generally speaking, alimony is awarded in cases where there exists a substantial disparity in the income levels of the parties. The Judge will apply several factors to analyze whether alimony is appropriate. Those factors can include the age of the payor and/or the recipient, education or training received during the marriage, contributions to the family unit made during the marriage, and each party’s share of the community assets received through the divorce process.

Alimony in Las Vegas and Henderson

If alimony is awarded in a divorce case, payments are typically paid on a fixed monthly basis.  Alimony can be modified in the event that a substantial change in circumstances occurs. A substantial change in circumstances has been defined by the court as a 20% increase or decrease in gross monthly income earned.  A substantial change in circumstances is also generally determined to occur when a recipient remarries.

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High Net Worth Alimony Cases

Alimony was designed to assist individuals who become financially dependent on their spouse and need financial help to remain viable after divorce. There isn’t typically an award given when your incomes are equal.

When the incomes are extremely out of balance, an award can be made, but this award can vary as circumstances change for the individuals involved in the case. There can be an increase in support or a decrease in support depending on factors of the case.

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