August 19

Are Men at a Disadvantage in Child Custody Cases in Nevada?


The question of whether men are at a disadvantage in child custody cases in Nevada is extremely common. They divorce and family law attorneys at Leavitt and Flaxman feel that Men Are Not Disadvantaged in Las Vegas Child Custody Cases. The basis for this statement is:

[00:00One question I typically get from guys is regarding custody. A lot of men want to know how is child custody determined and because I’m a guy, am I disadvantaged in the litigation process? The short answer is no, you’re not. The statutory reference to be aware of here is NRS 125C.0035 this statute clearly spells out the factors that the court is going to look at in make a good determination of custody.

[00:34] The court’s going look at several things to determine fitness to parent, things like that. You should be aware that now in Nevada it’s the public policy that if you have two parents who are willing, able and capable of having a joint physical relationship with their child, that’s where we start. That’s the public policy of Nevada. So what that means for you guys out there is that if you’re willing, capable, able, and you want to have an equal time share with your kids, that’s where the court’s going to start, which is great if that’s what you want.

[01:11] So again with regard to any particular advantage or disadvantage, there isn’t any more. Perhaps in years past an argument could be made that there was a preference towards mothers. Though the statute specifically prohibited that, we who’ve been in practice for a long time know that sometimes moms were able to get primary physical custody of their children.

[01:37] However, now the legislature has leveled the playing field and dads now, as the public policy of Nevada, get a fair shake and they get to have a equal custodial relationship with their kids by statute.

[01:51] We at the Leavitt Family Law Firm would be delighted to evaluate your case and make a determination for your custodial schedule and making a determination for what type of custodial timeshare you’d be entitled to. Based on your particular facts and circumstances of your case.

[02:09] Give us a telephone call at 702-605-0065 that we would be happy to schedule an appointment for you wherein we could sit down, take a look at the facts and circumstances and tailor make a strategy just for you. Give us a telephone call. We’d be excited to sit down with you. Thank you for listening.


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