August 19

Signs That Your Marriage Isn’t Working


Every relationship is different and there can be many signs that your marriage isn’t working. Your relationship with your spouse isn’t going to be comparable to your friends or family members. The fact is that everyone is different and everyone has different needs and wants in life. Usually, there are ways that you can tell that things are starting to not work for you or your spouse and divorce or separation doesn’t come as a surprise.

A huge way to tell is usually by having many drawn-out arguments, sometimes over nothing at all. Sometimes in a relationship, one person gets tired of arguing all the time and they end up just ignoring it or blocking it out. You or your spouse might block out one another by walking away, turning to the TV, picking up your phone, leaving the house, or finding other means to effectively shut out the other person. When this happens, communication is completely severed, which makes it impossible to solve the issue at hand.

Another sign that your marriage isn’t working which is often a part of a declining relationship is when one of the people in the relationship think that they are better than the other one or they just grow to dislike the things that the other one does. In this, they just start to disgust the other’s actions or them as a person and see them as beneath them. Having this in your relationship makes it impossible to continue to thrive as a couple and be happy together. If you are in a situation that you’re no longer considering your spouse’s needs or understanding how they feel about a situation, then this may be a sign that things are going bad fast.

Do you find yourself always criticizing your spouse? Everyone has their faults, but you don’t want the person that you’re sharing your life with to constantly criticize you. It will make it impossible to share your feelings and every detail that you should be with them. Not being able to share things will make you grow apart. Being very critical of your spouse will lead to your marriage failing. When you make a mistake in a situation it can be difficult to accept the fault even if it is your fault. That’s not good for any relationship because everyone is wrong sometimes and it’s good for your relationship to be able to acknowledge fault and not have defensive behavior in every situation. When either spouse is defensive, it makes communication more challenging and even minor, daily conversations and tasks could become frustrating.

Every situation is different and every couple faces ups and downs, but if you notice any of those signs it may be time to consider what you should do about it. If you think that you would like to look into fixing your marriage, a  divorce or separation then you need to look at and weigh all of your options. A great way to do that, even if you’re not considering a divorce is to get in contact with a lawyer in Clark County and figure out what all the options are and what you need to do to get going on the first steps of that. A lot of times a lawyer can provide you with plenty of resources to help you in your certain circumstances.


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