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Adopting a Child in Clark County


Adopting a child in Nevada is a process guided by laws and regulations every step of the way. Not only are there state laws, but also federal that apply for adoptive families and prospective birth mothers. The entire adoption process can be very overwhelming and time consuming. An experienced adoption attorney can help assist you with all legal aspects of adopting a child in Nevada.

Adopting a child can be unbelievably rewarding for a number of reasons. Each couple has their own reasons for considering adoption and each adoption case is individual. There a few key factors to consider when thinking about adoption, what age would you like the child to be, where the child has come from, financial implications, etc.

Research is vital when considering adoption. Make sure you know your states laws regarding adoption. Here are Nevada’s adoption laws. State laws may vary but the majority will never discriminate. Most people think that owning your own home is the most important factor for adoption but they may be mistaken. Financial stability plays a major role in the decision process as you are expected to support the child until they are eligible to leave home.

Consider which adoption path to choose. Open adoption is where the prospective parents actually meet the birth mother and form a relationship with them before and often after the birth. Closed adoption means the prospective parents have no contact with the birth mother and in turn the baby has no contact after the birth. The last option is international adoption where the child is from another country. This is a very popular choice with fellow Americans as it usually results in a better quality of life for the child. International adoption can take longer to finalize as you are dealing with two countries laws not just one. It is important to have realistic time frames in mind and know this process cannot be rushed.

This process can be a lonely one if you do not share it with others. You will need ongoing support from family and friends. Be open and honest regarding the process. Consider contacting other parents who have been through the process. This way you will have a clearer picture of what to expect. It may seem like the process may never end but remember why you are doing this. There is light at the end of the tunnel for those patient enough to pursue it and at the end of the process you will have changed a child’s life in ways you can’t even imagine.

Every child deserves love and a tight family unit. Regardless of race, gender or sexuality if you can provide a child with a loving home they desperately deserve then that is a wonderful thing to do.


Why do I need an Adoption Attorney?

Adoption attorneys are legal practitioners with expertise in family law, specifically adoption.  Most adoption attorneys handle the legal process but do not locate potential birth parents for their clients, making them an ideal professional for processes like stepparent, relative and identified adoptions.

In some cases, however, attorneys can attempt to provide services like locating birth mothers, facilitating communication, overseeing living expenses and protecting families’ financial investments. These are typically services provided by an agency professional who has expertise in these areas, whereas an attorney for adoption is not always trained in these matters that fall outside the legal elements of adoption.

The role of adoption attorneys in the process, ideally, is to step into the complicated legal matters that the staff of your adoption agency may not be equipped to handle. In this role, the adoption lawyer is an important part of the adoption but is not the primary professional involved in the process.

Choosing the right adoption attorney to work with is one of the most important decisions in the adoption process. For a free consultation with an adoption a Nevada adoption lawyer call 702-605-0065 or Schedule Online.


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